Better Lives Shown at UN Exhibition in New York

A Meridian Line Films production, Better Lives, has recently been shown at a United Nations Development Programme exhibition in New York called ‘Better Life: Dreams Come True’.

The intention of the exhibition, which saw the UNDP and the Chinese Government unite, was to demonstrate what other nations around the world could learn from China’s experience of poverty alleviation. The exhibition provided the opportunity for the UN and its member states to learn more about how China was able to lift 800 million people out of poverty in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

The films commented on various aspects of China’s poverty alleviation programme, including how the rise of e-commerce is benefiting even the most remote communities in China and how the UN and China have worked together to improve and perfect farming techniques.

It is hoped that the exhibition will result in increased cooperation between China and UN in order to make further gains in reducing poverty worldwide.