Meridian Line Films Nominated in RTS Yorkshire Programme Awards 2018

We are thrilled that our series ‘Smart China: Start-Up Revolution’ has been nominated in the 2018 RTS Yorkshire Programme Awards for Professional Excellence: Factual Production.

Smart China: Start-Up Revolution was broadcast on Discovery Asia in December 2017 to over 37 countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Hosted by Australian biomedical engineer and entrepreneur, Dr. Jordan Nguyen, Smart China: Start-Up Revolution takes us on a journey across a futuristic and innovative China. Jordan heads to Beijing, the Yangtze Delta and the Pearl River Delta to discover the latest world-changing Start-Up companies to emerge in three distinct areas of China.

Jordan uncovers what drives these young and successful entrepreneurs and how their inventions and innovations are on the brink of changing the world.

Congratulations to director Sam Goss and his team in the UK and China for the nominations. The winners will be announced on 6th July 2018. Good luck to all the nominees.