Meridian Line Films selected to meet Chinese TV delegation on visit to Britain

Meridian Line Films Co-Founder and Series Producer, Nacressa Swan met Qingdao TV on a recent visit to Britain hoping to meet possible co-production partners. The pair were introduced by David Wilson, Bradford UNESCO City of Film Director.

The meeting comes after MLF signed a MOU with CICC in 2018. CICC is China’s oldest independent media company. Working with international broadcasters, international co-producers and production teams, CICC has made dozens of series’ and Specials that showcase all aspects of China and Chinese life.

The Qingdao TV delegation visited Bradford due to a strong growing relationship between the two cities’ universities. Bradford became the world’s first UNESCO City of Film in 2009 and was the first European City to open a film office in Qingdao, east China.

Qingdao has a rich film heritage and is home to the largest film production studio complex in China. The city is also home to the Qingdao Film Festival, which attracts over 500 delegates, including government officials, international industry experts, film stars, directors, screenwriters and production teams.

Nacressa is no stranger to Qingdao having lived there in 2000 and visited the city many times since.