Meridian Line Films turns ‘5’

This week marks a significant milestone for us. It’s 5 years since Nacressa and Liz unlocked the door of a tiny office on the campus of the University of York and began work on our first two commissions, making short form videos for Chinese commissioners, CICC.   

Since then we’ve made 10 series and singles for TV, for Discovery Asia-Pacific, National Geographic International, CCTV9, Youku and Bilibili and more than 100 online videos – for CICC, for UNDP, for the BBC. We moved offices as our company has grown and we’ve worked with some of the North’s finest freelance talent. 

It’s been a typical indie rollercoaster ride – unexpected commissions, heart-breaking failed pitches and hours of occasionally quite bizarre brainstorms; cash flows crises, visa nightmares and all-night edits; endless tea rounds and memorable Christmas parties.  But above all, 5 years of creativity, frustration, exhaustion, fun and an ever-fascinating, ever-expanding education in China, in science, geography, tech, history and, of course, in human nature. We’ve even won some awards.   

In the new era of Covid 19, who knows what the next five years will hold. But we can’t wait to get started on the new projects currently on pause, with Channel 5, Smithsonian Networks, Discovery and CICC.