Meridian Line Films win International Documentary Award for Second Year Running

We are thrilled to have won the ‘Excellence in International Broadcasting’ award from China’s National Radio and Television Administration for the second year in a row, this time for our production How China Made It.

Meridian Line Films managed to claim the award in 2018 for our Discovery Asia series Smart China: Start-Up Revolution.

Congratulations to our amazing team, both in the UK and China who worked on the production and to Series Producer Nacressa Swan and Series Director Rob Cowling.

Broadcast on Youku and Discovery Asia in December 2018 and January 2019, How China Made It has since been viewed millions of times internationally.

The series tells the story of the immense upheaval and growth experienced by China over the past 40 years since Deng Xiaoping initiated a period of ‘reform and opening up’. The series explores how this jaw-dropping change was experienced by the people who lived through it, when personal incomes rose by 9000% and life expectancy shot up by 17 years.

How China Made It was also nominated for the RTS Yorkshire Awards in 2019 in the category for Professional Excellence in a Factual Production.