Meridian Line Films Wins Chinese Documentary Award

We are thrilled to receive an award at the 7th China Academy Awards of Documentary Film (CAADF), for our recent documentary series, China: Time of Xi, broadcast on Discovery Asia-Pacific, CCTV-4 and CCTV-9 from October 2017.

Hosted by Danny Forster, Dr. Jordan Nguyen and Mary-Ann Ochota, the series reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The series itself focuses on what drives Xi Jinping, who must maintain the growth of the world’s second largest economy, and what China can offer the world. A panel of leading experts including former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, economist Dambisa Moyo and author Martin Jacques also feature across the series.

The CAADF is one of the most prestigious awards in the Chinese documentary film industry and was established in 2011 to celebrate 100 years of Chinese documentary film making. Categories include Best New Director, Best Internet Documentary, Best Feature Length Documentary, Best Sound Design and Best Cinematography.

We look forward to next year’s awards and seeing what the latest Chinese documentaries have to offer.