Our YouTube Channels Reach 4 Million People Worldwide

We started off producing online content and it’s still at the heart of what we do today. So we’re delighted that our YouTube Channel China Icons has recently hit 3 million views, thanks to the ongoing popularity of its varied content including ‘FAST: The World’s Largest Telescope’, ‘The Chimelong Koalas’, and ‘Happy Birthday to China’s Miracle Panda Triplets’.

Over 5,000 people have now also subscribed to the channel to stay updated with all the latest news from art & culture to science & tech, as well as everything in between.

We’re also proud to announce that another of our YouTube Channels,WWII: China’s Forgotten War, has also recently attracted 1 million views and gained 2,500 subscribers.  The channel was set up to remember the longest conflict of WWII, the war between China and Japan, allowing veterans, eyewitnesses and survivors to record their powerful, dramatic and personal stories for future generation.