Encounters in China

Broadcaster Online

35 x 5′ for Online

Encounters in China – a series of short videos for Youtube – looks back on 70 years since the creation of the People’s Republic of China in a unique way – through telling the stories of personal friendships and relationships.

Told from two points of view, one international and one Chinese, each Encounters in China video captures the story of two people who had an encounter that changed their lives.

They are stories of surprise, of wonder, of education and insight; stories of friendship, of working together, of sharing experiences, of love; stories of a changing China.

From Richard and Matilda who were friends at first sight after meeting at the University of Sheffield over ten years ago, to Dr. Chris Ridgway and Xue Zhijia who forged a permanent horticultural bond between one of Britain’s most beautiful stately homes, Castle Howard, and the stunning Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, China.

From American Brian and Chinese Yumu – anthropologist and tea-grower – who fell in love as she taught him how to grow, process and serve tea in the beautiful mountains of China’s southwest, to French photographer Yann Layma who has documented China’s changes since the 1980s and his colleague Na Risong, whose professional bond was cemented when Na saved Yann’s life.

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