Living on the Roof of the World

Broadcaster CCTV-9 & Discovery Asia-Pacific

5 x 45′ for CCTV-9 & Discovery Asia-Pacific

It’s one of the most extreme habitats on Earth. High, cold, subject to earthquakes and intense sunlight, the roof of the world is a uniquely challenging habitat. Yet, for the people who live in Tibet, this place is the closest to heaven on earth.

In this series, scientist and engineer Jordan Nguyen, anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota and naturalist Nick Baker travel to Tibet to dive deep into the culture, traditions and daily lives of the people, and to see how modern Tibet is changing, thanks to engineering, science and economic development.

We are one of the few foreign teams allowed to film the local festivities to celebrate Tibetan New Year – and to capture on camera the elusive hot spring snake! We also had special access to the cosmic ray station at Yangbajain and to the annual Nagqu Horse festival, as well experiencing the colourful Wangguo – harvest festival – processions and parties from the inside.

Together, they try to answer the question: How do you live on the roof of the world?


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