Smart China: Frontier of Science

Broadcaster BiliBili, Discovery Asia-Pacific, TVF

3 x 50′ for BiliBili, Discovery Asia-Pacific and TVF

Artificial Intelligence expert and biomechanical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen visits China to see how the country is moving from its maker past – into a cutting-edge new world driven by science.

He travels the length and breadth of the country, from the Gobi Desert to the freezing Siberian wilderness, to get behind the usually locked doors of some of China’s most cutting-edge science projects – and learns how science has become central to China’s identity.

He meets the scientists and engineers behind world changing ideas in quantum physics and ultra-high energy cosmic ray detection, leading edge developments in space engineering and totally novel methods for crop-breeding and generating clean green energy. 

Jordan wants to find out just how China is building not only the equipment, but also the science that could help us understand the biggest mysteries in the universe.

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