Smart China: Start Up Revolution

Broadcaster Discovery Asia-Pacific

3 x 50 for Discovery Asia (First Broadcast December 2017)

In this 3 part series we go behind the scenes at China’s many startup companies.

Hosted by biomedical engineer and inventor, Dr. Jordan Nguyen, the second series of Smart China ventures to three very distinct regions of the country – Beijing, the Yangtze Delta and the Pearl River Delta – all specialising in different areas of technology and innovation.

From smart bathrooms and “connected” cars to bikes you never have to service; from using big data to solve one of China’s biggest challenges to the latest leaps in “deep learning” AI, discover how China’s entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers are building China’s future.

The series seeks to answer questions surrounding China’s flourishing advances in technology and entrepreneurship: Who are these young and hungry entrepreneurs? Where do they get their ideas and how are they turning them into money-making enterprises? What do their innovations mean for the future global economy?

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