World’s Biggest Birthday Party

Broadcaster National Geographic Channels International

1 x 50′ for National Geographic Channels International

October 1st was an important date for The People’s Republic of China, as nearly 1.4 billion people marked the founding of the republic 70 years ago.

In this Special for National Geographic, we travel the length and breadth of China to meet people from all walks of life to discover how they’re preparing for this anniversary. From the 70 year-old cycling from Beijing to Lhasa to celebrate his own and China’s birthday to the Chengdu chef who is cooking up a feast with ingredients from across the country, from the Chinese UN Peacekeeper training to march in the military parade through Tiananmen Square to the internationally renowned cellist practising for the premiere of a piece composed especially for the anniversary.

From the villagers of Hainan Island to the rice fields of Panjin to the engineers of China’s latest high speed railway to the light show designers of Wuhan, people of all ages reflect on the meaning of this anniversary and the changes they have seen in China and in their lives over the past decades.


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